Learning from Conflicts Creates Resilience!

What is the connection between being able to manage conflict, our own and others' anger, and confront negative attitudes such as passive aggression and this wholesome character trait named resilience? Very easy: Resilience is what you develop when … [Read more...]

Emotional Abuse – Overt and Covert

In recognizing forms and signs of abuse, it is necessary to establish that abuse can take many forms, and they are not always as obvious as yelling or beating. Overt abuse is the more obvious form of abuse. The abuser is often aggressive and … [Read more...]

Why do you need to watch your beliefs? Let me tell you!

We go through life moved by a set of automatic beliefs accepted way back in our past when we didn't know better...Regardless of that, now those core beliefs rule our lives. Now, it's natural to believe that we are no good at math or that with our … [Read more...]

How to deal with emotional turmoil?

Conflict-seeking people have mastered all your emotional buttons, and they push them with regularity. Here, we want to remember that it takes two to tango. When you are ready to deny them the drama and adrenaline rush (by behaving calmer and less … [Read more...]

Is your angry, silent partner a challenge?

How do you react to hubby's hostile silence? He says nothing, but you know he is mad as hell. He is obviously sulking in front of you, and his attitude fills the room with a very negative vibe. For you, this silent anger is far more maddening and … [Read more...]