Couple disputes are a shield against intimacy

Intimacy refers to the degree in which you need emotional closeness with your partner. It can be terrifying to really reflect on the emotional needs for dependency we humans have, and how do we satisfy or frustrate those needs...If it is true that we … [Read more...]

Build relationship skills: assertion

We find too many times in situations where there is friction and a deep sense of frustration of basic emotional needs. In life, we deal with other people sometimes as short in skills as we are to be able to talk and express needs and negotiate … [Read more...]

Recognize Passive Aggression Before it Destroys Your Sanity

Are some conversations with your hubby leaving you feeling emotionally drained, dejected, and utterly confused?  Do you received the message “I love you” while at the same time he/she is sabotaging your best efforts to do positive things for the … [Read more...]