Are You Being Hurt by Snide, Abusive Remarks from your Husband?

Public Humiliation by Your Husband: Breaking Free from the Shackles of His Emotional Abuse Have you ever experienced the odd situation where someone is putting you down, with a funny joke, just in your face? The person is making fun of you, … [Read more...]

Emotional Abuse is Power, not Love

If you still are debating inside your head the old question: “Does he really love me?” then it is better first to take out the trash. Trash is any hidden emotional abuse you might be suffering. If there is any sustained, continuous emotional abuse, … [Read more...]

Are you Concerned about Emotional Abuse in a Relationship?

Can you recognize the signs of emotional abuse in other marriages?   I was listening carefully to my friend's story about her daily challenges at home...Why life was so difficult for her? Having the idea of abusive behaviors in my mind,  … [Read more...]

Tips for Coping With Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is a serious problem that continues its lingering effect much longer than desirable. As a result of early emotional abuse, many victims develop chronic anger issues, which sometimes looks disconnected from the abuse source. Frequently … [Read more...]

Taking a trip of self-discovery, involuntarily!

Sometimes in a relationship, abuse grows up slowly. Here and there, you can catch some overly controlling and critical behavior. He would make fun of you in front of his friends, and, because you are not expecting abuse, you laughed it off. Even … [Read more...]