How dirty is your fighting style? Want to learn how to fight fair?

We have posted before about the value of fighting with love instead of anger. Using calm dialogue and speaking with respect ("fighting" with "love") is always a better option during conflict; fighting fire with fire, with the aim of someone winning … [Read more...]

Why do you need to watch your beliefs? Let me tell you!

We go through life moved by a set of automatic beliefs accepted way back in our past when we didn't know better...Regardless of that, now those core beliefs rule our lives. Now, it's natural to believe that we are no good at math or that with our … [Read more...]

Managing Passive Aggression in Workplaces

If you are a veteran of “office wars,” then perhaps you have experienced a lot of backstabbing, sabotage and nasty behaviors, right? As a normal consequence, you think that there is very little to be done to control this competitive behavior. You … [Read more...]

Workplace Anger in Tough Times

The present recession in the world is reflecting a very difficult social situation that affects everybody. The job insecurity raises a high level of anxiety in all of us...trying personal resources to the limit. How each person answers the challenge … [Read more...]