Signals of Passive Aggression

How do you identify the passive aggression signals? Here we are exactly at that dire situation where you begin to look around, trying to find an explanation for the huge difference between the life you are having and the life you dreamed of….and … [Read more...]

Negative Emotions in Marriage?

Couples have to learn how to manage negative emotions, instead of acting them out There is a lot of talk about emotional health now. For the body-based emotional health system, there are no "negative" or "positive" emotions. Then, emotional … [Read more...]

Fight Back Passive Aggressive Actions!

Is very easy to discover the inherent pain that a relationship based on passive aggression brings. It is important that you identify exactly the behaviors that trigger your confusion, isolation or anger, and ascribe them to his peculiar way of doing … [Read more...]

Learning about the Silent Treatment … [Read more...]

Can a person do emotional abuse using only silence? You bet!

Can you be mistreated not using harsh words, but by silence? The silent treatment, also known as the "cold shoulder treatment," consists of feigned apathy, total silence, and being distant on purpose. One person displays an attitude of complete … [Read more...]