Can a person do emotional abuse using only silence? You bet!

Can you be mistreated not using harsh words, but by silence? The silent treatment, also known as the "cold shoulder treatment," consists of feigned apathy, total silence, and being distant on purpose. One person displays an attitude of complete … [Read more...]

TIP 1 to Manage Passive Aggressive People

  Going forward on one of the purposes of this blog: to provide workable solutions for interpersonal quandaries, we are preparing a series that basically teach you “How to defend yourself from passive aggressive behaviors.” Perhaps you think … [Read more...]

What Child Abuse Does to The Brain

Child abuse is just as prevalent as it ever was, but now that the psychological effects of abuse are being studied in more depth, we are gaining more understanding about the effects of abuse on a person's life, both as a child and an … [Read more...]

How to Reinforce Love, Day In and Day Out

As we learn more and more about the human brain and conflict, we learn more about how to feel better in relationships, how to care for one another, and how to change negative energy into positive energy. For example - do you and your partner … [Read more...]

Can you fight with love?

It’s difficult to escape popular understandings about fighting with other people, even loved ones. Do you remember the old clichés? “Fight fire with fire” “The best defense is a good attack” Most of your experiences teach you to respond to … [Read more...]