Happy Marriages are a Work of Love

All couples need to learn the fine art of keeping their marriages alive and growing. We bring from our own families of origin some habits that left uncontrolled can be lethal to a love relationship. Even if you are honestly working to stay away from … [Read more...]

What’s your life project?

Sometimes, our purpose in life doesn't appear clear to us. We are pulled by other people's needs, demands and urgencies. Several institutions predicate their dogmas to us as to what kindĀ of project we should follow: church, schools, political … [Read more...]

Love is a powerful force!

How love makes us feel, deep in our brain, is what matters... Brain scan studies have shown that early romantic love generates a unique pattern of brain activity. How do we know this? Well, to study love on the brain, researches put men and … [Read more...]

Good Communication Skills Needed!

Are you thinking that good communication is a valuable skill that is needed in your life? What about their impact on healthy relationships? Would you like to know the basic principles involved? 1. We need to treat each other with respect: It … [Read more...]

Can emotional abuse be healed?

When you are a child, all the deal with the grown ups around you revolves on a single question: are they going to help you grow, develop and survive as to be happy as an adult? Or they either don't care about you, getting you in serious danger of … [Read more...]