Steps to be happier in 2024

  How can you feel happier this year? If you are reading this blog, is because there is a sad side of your relationship. Instead of having security and support, constant appreciation and warm contact, you get indifference, hostility and … [Read more...]

Signals of Passive Aggression

How do you identify the passive aggression signals? Here we are exactly at that dire situation where you begin to look around, trying to find an explanation for the huge difference between the life you are having and the life you dreamed of….and … [Read more...]

Fight Back Passive Aggressive Actions!

Is very easy to discover the inherent pain that a relationship based on passive aggression brings. It is important that you identify exactly the behaviors that trigger your confusion, isolation or anger, and ascribe them to his peculiar way of doing … [Read more...]

Are you Concerned about Emotional Abuse in a Relationship?

Can you recognize the signs of emotional abuse in other marriages?   I was listening carefully to my friend's story about her daily challenges at home...Why life was so difficult for her? Having the idea of abusive behaviors in my mind,  … [Read more...]

Taking a trip of self-discovery, involuntarily!

Sometimes in a relationship, abuse grows up slowly. Here and there, you can catch some overly controlling and critical behavior. He would make fun of you in front of his friends, and, because you are not expecting abuse, you laughed it off. Even … [Read more...]