Healthy Conflict Can Improve Your Holidays

¬† Conflict at the holidays can be overwhelming and most people dread it so much that just the anxiety over possible conflict can bring down the entire mood of the holidays for them. ¬†Somehow it feels to most people who despite what they may or may … [Read more...]

How dirty is your fighting style? Want to learn how to fight fair?

We have posted before about the value of fighting with love instead of anger. Using calm dialogue and speaking with respect ("fighting" with "love") is always a better option during conflict; fighting fire with fire, with the aim of someone winning … [Read more...]

Keep the Peace using Conflict Rules

Today we have a useful step for resolving frequent conflict in family relationships. Create "rules of engagement" with your partner or family members, and make sure that the rules are clear to everyone. The next time there is a conflict, these rules … [Read more...]

Would you Program Your Brain for High Self-Esteem?

If you are having trouble with your low self-esteem, the first place you should start is your brain. You need to train it to accept praise from others, and to praise itself as well. Is it possible to condition and program our brains the same way we … [Read more...]

Fight to Protect the Love in Your Relationship

When we communicate with one another, we are attempting to make an emotional connection - with our eyes, our body, our words. This is because humans are social beings; our brains are programmed to seek love and empathy from others. So what about … [Read more...]