Being Excluded by Others: A Real Pain in the Brain

When and how is our need for love and connection denied? If you’ve been reading our blog, you know there are many ways to do this to each other, and many ways to heal. In the interpersonal relationship field, we are always doing this dance of … [Read more...]

Teach Your Brain to Accept Healthy Love

Why are we attracted to other people? It’s a question for the ages, isn’t it? Usually, at the heart of the matter, we feel that our attraction to others is just something we can’t explain and can’t control. But something we’ve been talking about here … [Read more...]

Would you Program Your Brain for High Self-Esteem?

If you are having trouble with your low self-esteem, the first place you should start is your brain. You need to train it to accept praise from others, and to praise itself as well. Is it possible to condition and program our brains the same way we … [Read more...]