What Child Abuse Does to The Brain

Child abuse is just as prevalent as it ever was, but now that the psychological effects of abuse are being studied in more depth, we are gaining more understanding about the effects of abuse on a person's life, both as a child and an … [Read more...]

What Do You Want From Your Relationship?

  If you could change something about your relationship, what would it be? More respect? More trust? More commitment? We all have times where our partners don't give us what we want, but sometimes we also don't get what we need - the basic … [Read more...]

Wounded Children Nation

There is a recent but ongoing research about the effects of ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) on people's further development along life. What we always imagined is true: those painful experiences when we are little in relationship with our parents … [Read more...]

Appreciate More, Criticize Less

Given that our definition of marriage is that it should be a mutual admiration society, how come the other person is always pointing out our negative aspects and forgetting our good traits? In other words, that our partner doesn’t show enough … [Read more...]

Is Conflict our Way of Growing Up?

Let's take a different perspective on conflict. Not one that tells the usual story about a victim and a victimizer, but a balanced view including both sides' perspectives, as two players participating in a shared game:  to get satisfaction of their … [Read more...]