Surprise! you are happiest when sharing issues making your husband unhappy!

According to a new research study conducted by the American Psychological Society, men and women have different criteria for feeling happy in a relationship. Yeah, shocker, right? However, the criteria this particular study found is interesting, … [Read more...]

What Do You Want From Your Relationship?

  If you could change something about your relationship, what would it be? More respect? More trust? More commitment? We all have times where our partners don't give us what we want, but sometimes we also don't get what we need - the basic … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions Doomed to Fail?

Isn't it wonderful how we submit to the pixie dust of year end's magic? besides running here and there to present our best image, our best table and food, our best dress, house, etc, we also enter into a magic territory when it is necessary to design … [Read more...]

What kind of love enemy are you?

In a passive aggressive relationship, it’s easy to define what makes a bad enemy: hidden anger, sabotage, the cold shoulder, and so on. However, is it possible that there is also such a thing as a “good” enemy? If so, can a bad enemy be turned into … [Read more...]

Wounded Children Nation

There is a recent but ongoing research about the effects of ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) on people's further development along life. What we always imagined is true: those painful experiences when we are little in relationship with our parents … [Read more...]