Do you need Anger Management in the Holidays?

Anger may not seem like the right  way to feel at the holidays, but for many people it is not the way to feel.  Often the holidays find people slamming doors, snapping at partners, fuming in the kitchen, feeling upset...  but rarely is that anger … [Read more...]

Top 5 Indicators of Pent Up Anger

Pent up anger is when you don’t realize how angry you are until you react to a silly situation that could be ignored easily (perhaps a 3 on the frustration scale), with a full-on anger explosion (a 10 on the frustration scale). This disproportionate … [Read more...]

Learning to Tolerate Other’s Views

After time and time again spent confronting others, we end up with a confrontational attitude, where we focus on the "I" versus "others"; "I will defend my rights,” “Nobody trespasses against me," “I will get even." Sometimes this is the … [Read more...]

Can Emotional Fitness Be Taught? Yes!

How do we teach children to manage their own emotions? Can this be done in school or better is left to the family? Emotional education may not succeed as well in schools as in families, as seen in studies where curriculum about emotions has given … [Read more...]

What kind of love enemy are you?

In a passive aggressive relationship, it’s easy to define what makes a bad enemy: hidden anger, sabotage, the cold shoulder, and so on. However, is it possible that there is also such a thing as a “good” enemy? If so, can a bad enemy be turned into … [Read more...]