How to do Marital Fighting Without Anger

Marital fighting is part of married life. Couples who fight are happier - it is well-known. Long-term unhappiness and distrust are at the heart of couples who bury their problems down deep, afraid of the intimacy that fighting requires. However, it … [Read more...]

How dirty is your fighting style? Want to learn how to fight fair?

We have posted before about the value of fighting with love instead of anger. Using calm dialogue and speaking with respect ("fighting" with "love") is always a better option during conflict; fighting fire with fire, with the aim of someone winning … [Read more...]

Top 5 Indicators of Pent Up Anger

Pent up anger is when you don’t realize how angry you are until you react to a silly situation that could be ignored easily (perhaps a 3 on the frustration scale), with a full-on anger explosion (a 10 on the frustration scale). This disproportionate … [Read more...]

Learning to Tolerate Other’s Views

After time and time again spent confronting others, we end up with a confrontational attitude, where we focus on the "I" versus "others"; "I will defend my rights,” “Nobody trespasses against me," “I will get even." Sometimes this is the … [Read more...]