A Healthy Response to an Anger Attack

   Very often, people express their anger by “venting” so releasing their boil of unhappy emotions by verbally exploding.  The explosion makes the angry person feel good temporarily by decreasing the pressure inside and making the angry person feel a … [Read more...]

A Better Relationship Means Telling Your Partner Where it Hurts

Much of the conflict in our lives begins when we feel that we are suffering (either alone or at the hands of those we’re in conflict with).Brian Lynch, M.D., has shared his thoughts on suffering and how we can see it in a different way. This helps … [Read more...]

What Child Abuse Does to The Brain

Child abuse is just as prevalent as it ever was, but now that the psychological effects of abuse are being studied in more depth, we are gaining more understanding about the effects of abuse on a person's life, both as a child and an … [Read more...]

Will you be there for me?

In the inner game of relationships, there are core questions that make or break them.  Those questions refers to the most basic needs we humans have: for companionship and recognition: Are you accessible when I try to reach out to you? Will you … [Read more...]

5 Steps for Anger-Free Holidays!

There can be many opportunities for you to feel the joy promised by the season...but also to feel that your buttons are pushed beyond your limits. It's in your hands to have a simple plan to manage holidays stress with grace and class. No more … [Read more...]