A Better Relationship Means Telling Your Partner Where it Hurts

Much of the conflict in our lives begins when we feel that we are suffering (either alone or at the hands of those we’re in conflict with).Brian Lynch, M.D., has shared his thoughts on suffering and how we can see it in a different way. This helps … [Read more...]

Happiness is managing disputes fairly and lovingly

When we were young, and just in love, having a dispute with your loved one did feel like a disaster. The first days were heaven on earth then something happened and the day after was hell on earth. Day two then is attached to negative feelings such … [Read more...]

Learning from Conflicts Creates Resilience!

What is the connection between being able to manage conflict, anger and negative attitudes such as passive aggression and this wholesome character trait named resilience? Very easy: Resilience is what you develop when you learn to confront all … [Read more...]