Being Excluded by Others: A Real Pain in the Brain

When and how is our need for love and connection denied? If you’ve been reading our blog, you know there are many ways to do this to each other, and many ways to heal. In the interpersonal relationship field, we are always doing this dance of … [Read more...]

How To Replace Abusive Behavior with Positive Love

Annie's husband was often abusive to her. Usually, he would get upset if she wasn’t paying him her complete attention. A week before today, she was finishing dictating her daily report for work in the phone, when he began to scream at her for not … [Read more...]

How to Stop Your Partner’s Intimidation

In our previous post, we discussed how to recognize whether or not you are being intimidated (or intimidating others!). Now, we will discuss the steps that should be taken to stop this behavior. There are many steps you can take to stop allowing … [Read more...]

Emotional Abuse: Do You Abuse Others?

It is usually painless to ask yourself whether or not you love someone. However, it is much harder to ask yourself whether or not you cause them emotional pain. When do you know that you are abusing someone you love? To immediately ask yourself, … [Read more...]

Emotional Abuse – Overt and Covert

In recognizing forms and signs of abuse, it is necessary to establish that abuse can take many forms, and they are not always as obvious as yelling or beating. Overt abuse is the more obvious form of abuse. The abuser is often aggressive and … [Read more...]