How to Stop Your Partner’s Intimidation

In our previous post, we discussed how to recognize whether or not you are being intimidated (or intimidating others!). Now, we will discuss the steps that should be taken to stop this behavior.

There are many steps you can take to stop allowing others to intimidate you. The first step you should take is to get a good look at yourself and determine what is there in your irrational, unhealthy way of thinking has allowed yourself to become intimidated by others. Did your parents tell you that authorities were always right and needed to be respected? Was it your inner fear of confrontation? Or fear of starting a conflict if that was needed to defend your rights?

If you think this might have been the case then you should take steps towards:

  • Identify new healthier ways of thinking to help you overcome and respond to the intimidating factors.
  • Display your new ways of thinking and acting to those who are intimidating you, this will show them that you are no longer willing to be intimidated by them.
  • Develop ways of dealing with people in case they respond negatively to the new you – our blog has many, many postings on how to deal with conflict in all of its forms.
  • See the consequences of your new assertive behavior
  • Stick to your guns and accept whatever the consequences are of your new behavior – there may be costs to standing up for yourself, but you have to realize that it is more important to stick to your values than let them be taken away.

These steps take practice to achieve, and there may be times where you back track and your progress takes a hit. The important thing is to move forward from those times, eventually making great improvements from your old ways of thinking.

The next step to take once you have developed a strategy for dealing with those who intimidate you is to develop ways to reinforce your beliefs in the new, more positive and strong self-image. The easiest way is to use daily affirmations or positive self-talk. Examples of positive self-talk include:

  • I am a good person, who is worthy and deserves to be treat with respect
  • I will not put anyone in a superhuman position over me
  • I will take my life back under my control from any who tries to intimidate me in the future
  • I will not allow others to intimidate me
  • There is no one out there who can intimidate me.

It pays to put some effort in building up our resistance to intimidation, because it will make our lives easier and conflict-free. There is no better feeling in life than knowing you are being treated exactly the way you need and deserve to be treated.

Neil Warner

Neil Warner

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