New Year’s Resolutions Doomed to Fail?

Isn't it wonderful how we submit to the pixie dust of year end's magic? besides running here and there to present our best image, our best table and food, our best dress, house, etc, we also enter into a magic territory when it is necessary to design … [Read more...]

December is The National Relationships Repair Month

As the end of the year approaches, we at Creative Conflicts have been busy thinking how we could make this end of the year different for you and for us... We wanted to challenge the "End of the Year Blues", as we realized how many issues are still … [Read more...]

Love, relationships and conflict

At the heart of the human experience is the need to feel loved, and to feel love for others. This connection in its multiple forms goes to the heart of our own identity. What kind of relationships? Better them to be healthy and meaningful, we … [Read more...]

Keep the Peace using Conflict Rules

Today we have a useful step for resolving frequent conflict in family relationships. Create "rules of engagement" with your partner or family members, and make sure that the rules are clear to everyone. The next time there is a conflict, these rules … [Read more...]

Would you Program Your Brain for High Self-Esteem?

If you are having trouble with your low self-esteem, the first place you should start is your brain. You need to train it to accept praise from others, and to praise itself as well. Is it possible to condition and program our brains the same way we … [Read more...]