Signs of a difficult boss

We all know that it is hard to work for someone you simply can’t respect. However, is that lack of respect a sign of a faulty boss, or a faulty worker? Though the question is hard, maybe even confrontational, it is important to remember that … [Read more...]

How to Confront People Without Fighting

It is very common for people to see a mere difference of opinions as a situation where they are pushed to “win.” Winning means imposing their view, convincing the other person of his wrong ways, and having finally the last word. Finally, it … [Read more...]

Can you fight with love?

It’s difficult to escape popular understandings about fighting with other people, even loved ones. Do you remember the old clichés? “Fight fire with fire” “The best defense is a good attack” Most of your experiences teach you to respond to … [Read more...]

Build relationship skills: assertion

We find too many times in situations where there is friction and a deep sense of frustration of basic emotional needs. In life, we deal with other people sometimes as short in skills as we are to be able to talk and express needs and negotiate … [Read more...]

Respect your loved one while fighting?

Time ago, I saw this interesting piece of information: Dr Gottman's study on married couples explained how it is possible to predict if they will stay married or divorce. How is this possible? Watch the first five minutes of a conflict between the … [Read more...]