Relationship Repair Through the Holidays

If yours is like thousands of other families, conflict is inevitable at the holidays, and somehow more painful than usual. And there are no available relationship repair strategies to be used…. Is it because we are bombarded with images and impressions of peace, love, and joy, of smiling siblings and cuddling couples, that we grow more intolerant? Is it because we hope we will one day see our holiday dinner laid out in front of us like a greeting card?  Is it because we swamp ourselves with guilt over the holidays not living up to those shining expectations?  Whatever the reason, the holiday conflicts hurt.

But you don’t have to resign yourself to living through another Unhappy Holiday.  This year can be the year you make changes.  This year can be the year you start feeling peace and joy during the holidays, peace and joy that can carry on into the new year.  Making changes can feel very daunting right now because the holidays are so weighted with past trauma and automatic defense.  Even though you may find yourself learning about how to handle conflict on a normal basis, the holidays and family get togethers can drown those new skills and confidence.  Or you may not have had any practice yet at healthy conflict and don’t know how or where to start.

It’s ok. You don’t have to put more pressure on yourself to find ways to take care and ease confrontation all alone.  There is holiday centered information and advice available for you as well as  all the support you need.  With support and encouragement, this year you really can have Happy Holidays.

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