Can There be Boundaries to Love?

Communication within relationships can be tough, especially if you bring insecurities and trust issues with you. It can be hard to know where your comfort zone is in terms of humility, intimacy, privacy, honesty and boundaries. But a great … [Read more...]

Feeling Another Person’s Feelings Is The Magic Glue for Love

We’ve all heard those old sayings, “Actions speak louder than words” and “Reading someone else’s body language.” But what do they really mean? How can we see those ideas as real satisfaction indicators within relationships? All humans are social … [Read more...]

Relationships, Commitment and Distance in Love

Is it possible to test how committed you are in a relationship? New studies are suggesting it is, but we’re not talking about couple’s “Survivor” or anything extreme like that. Instead, there’s new evidence that tells us how people learn to love and … [Read more...]