A Valentine for your inner child? why not?

This is what happened yesterday: in a general store, getting things for my kitchen, all the decor was full with different kinds of red hearts...Of course! It's Valentine's Day!.... Suddenly I found myself grabbing one of the balloons...and my left … [Read more...]

Negative Emotions in Marriage?

Couples have to learn how to manage negative emotions, instead of acting them out There is a lot of talk about emotional health now. For the body-based emotional health system, there are no "negative" or "positive" emotions. Then, emotional … [Read more...]

Can you Respect Each Other While Fighting?

Can you fight with respect? A time ago, I saw this interesting piece of information: Dr. Gottman's study on married couples explained how it is possible to predict if they will stay married or divorce. How is this possible? Watch the first … [Read more...]

Are there lots of neglected needs in your marriage?

There are times when neglect is not casual, but a little more straightforward. In some situations one person in the relationship is fairly explicit with what they need, asking for it and the other person manages to neglect that need, either directly … [Read more...]

Is Marriage a Contract to Create with your Partner a Happy Relationship?

How to listen to each person's needs? We all have basic needs that have to be fulfilled by our loved ones around us, for us to lead successful and happy lives. In this way, "contract" means that we are motivated to do the same for them. We all have … [Read more...]