What’s Better This Valentine’s Day – Chocolate or Peace? You Can Have Both!

© Lela Lee This Valentine season, you will have (or give) diamonds, nice red roses, a fancy evening and bittersweet chocolate. With the exception of the diamonds, all the rest can be forgotten in a week. Which is the most important gift that … [Read more...]

Learning to Tolerate Other’s Views

After time and time again spent confronting others, we end up with a confrontational attitude, where we focus on the "I" versus "others"; "I will defend my rights,” “Nobody trespasses against me," “I will get even." Sometimes this is the … [Read more...]

Resolving Conflicts with Loved Ones

TIPS for Resolving Conflicts with Loved Ones 1.- Expect to reach a resolution. Many of us take a fight-or-flight approach to conflict, sometimes only to make our point stick. You and your future partner are on the same side of the same team, … [Read more...]