Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships?

Sometimes, help is coming from different sources, when you never expect it. There is a very detailed and extremely supportive article about the reasons women tell themselves they need to stay put in abusive relationships...and you need to read it … [Read more...]

Can emotional abuse be healed?

When you are a child, all the deal with the grown ups around you revolves on a single question: are they going to help you grow, develop and survive as to be happy as an adult? Or they either don't care about you, getting you in serious danger of … [Read more...]

Childhood Abuse Leaves Permanent Damage

Emotional scars are invisible scars that follow us for life! A new study by Florida State University researchers has found that people who were verbally abused as children grow up to be self-critical adults prone to depression and anxiety. Of the … [Read more...]

Sharing Power Makes a Healthy Marriage

Sometimes, the key to a happy marriage is but a political one. Which one? the power sharing issue, of course! The male desperation to keep the female under control by either physical, sexual, economic and psychological ways shows up in so many … [Read more...]

Domestic Abuse: a Tool for Control

Domestic violence is a difficult issue that people usually avoid in normal conversations...the fact that one grown up person, an adult like everybody else is reduced to a state of abject dependency by her spouse using physical harm, is painful to … [Read more...]