Is Passive Aggression Harder to Bear at the Holidays?

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Conflict can be almost inevitable when interacting with someone who uses passive aggression to control all of his relationships.  This can be very trying and frustrating at any time of the year.  But at the holidays it often feels worse.  Many people wonder if they are just being overly sensitive during the holidays and that is why they have such a hard time with passive aggressive behavior.  In fact, this can be part of the problem, but not all of it.


People have higher expectations for peace and love at the holidays; though there is nothing wrong with having them, higher expectations mean higher chances for being let down.  There are also more opportunities for damage to be caused by passive aggression at the holidays.  Those things together with an actual increase in passive aggressive behavior can make the holidays close to unbearable.


Though you may have had years upon years of frustrating or unbearable holidays in dealing with one person or another using passive aggressive behaviors, you don’t have to struggle with so much pain and difficulty any longer.  Learn more now about understanding the deeper reasons behind increased passive aggression at the holidays, how you can become emotionally stronger in the face of passive aggressive behavior and even help a loved one stop his passive aggressive behavior now.

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