Transform Emotional Abuse into Resilience

emotional abuse recovery

This is a special day, a day of joy when we remember our political independence. What about independence from hurtful abuse, you could ask?

I know that you can be wishing to have the key, not only to endure, and be a survivor…but to learn new skills and use them to push your personal development forward? Isn’t it too much to ask?

Well, I think that we choose the circumstances of this life, because all are part of a learning plan as humans we need to go through.

Somehow we get into relationships that can be happy ones, but mostly they are designed to teach us something we badly need to learn.

Coming through from my own personal abuse experience, I know that after that, I got so much determination and strength to make myself the best person I could…and the happier too! Looking back, even the most horrible parts of it now make some sense, and the lessons I learned are here with me for life.

Now, the short and to the point message today is: do you want a push to make from your harsh experiences the kernel of your endurance and tenacity in the pursuit of your happiness? Just here:

Just in Independence Day, 4th of July Special (0.99c), transform your Abuse into your Power of Resilience:

Emotionally Abusive Relationships: Your Guide to Healing from Emotional Abuse in Marriage and Divorce

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