How to Be Resilient in Scary Times

We are living in confusing times…the news keep bombarding us with information that is worrisome, difficult to act on and in general scary. What can we do to develop what is needed, a sense of resilience?
Where is this sense of inner strength coming from?

Sometimes our strength comes from having a positive sense of self. We know who we are, we accept ourselves as work in progress, without shame or recrimination, and we have a healthy awareness of our skills.

This needs to be combined with a sense of a network of souls around us who recognize us as a valued member; who are willing to lend support and acknowledgment at any time. We are no strangers here to our inner circle.

And then, we need to know where do we want to go, what is our life purpose…Having a sense of mission validates our existence and gives meaning to a lot of daily decisions we need to do. In our personal narrative, we have to see this small, private story of us linked to a wide tapestry of other stories which are making together the meaning of our times. No life is lost, ever….and every action of ours confirms that we are part of a collective endeavor to survive and prosper.

Perhaps in this moment, what we need the most is a sense of the collective “we.” The pieces of an individualistic view of myself are fighting to keep control of my mindset, and of yours…but at this precise time, nobody will be able to survive in isolation. Fear? yes, of course, there is fear…but the old fear of the other as the enemy, the opponent, the competitor is being replaced by a shared fear of all the diverse circumstances surrounding us. From global warming to financial collapse to shocking degrees of joblessness to pandemic threats, all are coming at us at the same time.

Is it time to leave our individual, protective shell? You bet! Is it time to learn cooperative skills and stop doing passive aggression and other forms of abuse and control? Indeed!

Of course we all need time to do the transition and deal with our particular, internal demons…the only thing clear now is this: the longer you continue attached to old ways of thinking (type: “my survival over others”) the less resilient you are.

Are you still in love with your old mindset? Begin doing some steps to push the change inside: talk with your neighbors, begin a small project shared with others…whatever will get you out of your shell is a good step. Keep telling yourself: “As more aware I can be, it will help me organize and survive better…no need to hide or deny any longer”

And, of course, being part of some online community is also helping you to develop new connections. Make your thoughts heard just by answering this post, or making a comment with your reaction…Thanks!

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