Healthy Love Relationships and Strong Self-Esteem

If you are going to get into a marriage with a passive aggressive person, you'd better have a very strong self-esteem. Which, of course, it is a silly piece of advice, because if you really had a healthy, sound, strong sense of who you are, then you will never put up with a passive aggressive person lousy manoevres!

Let's assume that you found him too soon in your life, when you were still very young and learning what was your place in the world...and knew very little of the right way to treat human beings, especially when you say you love them. We all know the rules about loving behavior, right?

  • show support, and be there for the loved one;
  • say positive and appreciative things frequently (five for each one negative critique);
  • be upfront when you have a disagreement and find a shared solution;
  • disclose everything; share all kinds of personal information ;
  • face each marriage challenge as part of a team, and commit to work together on solutions.

If little or nothing of this is happening, you have to find answers to basic questions, such as:

1.- How can you identify when he is damaging your marriage by his resentful and negative attitude?

2.- How can you stop him and make him fulfill his role of careful and loving husband?

3.- How do you repair yourself from the damages produced by his behavior on your self-esteem?

As easy it can be to identify areas of work, it is more difficult to find effective solutions to solve the challenges. What, really can you do now?

Today, the first thing to work on has to be your self-esteem. No solution can be implemented if you don't feel clearly that it's your right to have a healthy, supportive and emotionally satisfying marriage. If you are still confused have to choose between thinking that his behavior is your responsibility, therefore you are the guilty person; or asserting the right to be happy, then now you know that the first task is to strenghten your self-esteem.

After feeling more secure, more accepting of the wonderful person you are, only then you can begin to think on ways of sending the message to your hubby that you deserve better than lame excuses. You want good answers, real support, information sharing and the whole marriage package.

How can you improve your self-esteem? There are several ways to go about, here we will list soon some steps you can take immediately. Just now, remember that you can construct a powerful self-image only if you connect with yourself and the power of your dreams!

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