Boost Self-Esteem by Stopping Intimidation


If you have low self-esteem, chances are you’ve been the victim of intimidation at some point – it may have only been once, but by someone really important to you. In that case, your quest for healthy self-esteem should at least touch on dealing with and overcoming intimidation at the hands of others. This is because you’ve start to intimidate yourself! Do you often tell yourself you’re worthless, no-good, can’t do anything, will fail, should wait for someone “better” to do your task? You’re holding yourself back!

Many times, low self-esteem is driven by irrational thinking like that above; unhealthy self-talk that brings you down really low. Self-intimidation and intimidation by others is no different – it works because there is some irrational thinking going on between you and your intimidator. Much of that irrational thinking can be traced back to negative things you’ve heard about yourself from people you admire or look to for protection/authority. Intimidation can also work if it plays on fears that you have, especially fears about conflict and trouble-making.

The trick is to identify which fears are bringing you down. If you’re going through self-intimidation it could be that you are afraid of rejection, failure, humiliation, conflict, or other interpersonal problems. A common cause of fears like those are being humiliated or rejected by family, or being punished for small failures in your childhood. To overcome intimidation, you will need to identify the fears and irrational thinking so that you can move in the opposite direction. You can then identify new healthier ways of thinking to help you overcome and respond to the intimidating factors. You will then have to stand up for yourself (or maybe stand up to yourself!), spreading the message that you have gained more self-respect and demand better treatment. Stick to your guns by remembering your own true values and skills, so that you will never again have your self-worth taken away – even by your own self.

Remember, it pays to put some effort in building up our resistance to intimidation, because it will make our lives easier and happier. There is no better feeling in life than knowing you are being treated exactly the way you need and deserve to be treated. Would you like to know how to get there? Here is help!

Dr. Nora

Dr. Nora

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