Living on Purpose Every Day

couple walking together in the beachWe live in an instant world where events are beamed live to us, breaking space and time separation.
We are urged to live in a world based on speed, where changes happen in seconds and we are supposed to follow or get lost.
Rapid change occurs at blinding speed, leaving us with no room for thought.
With so many outside pressures to speed up, how can we maintain our inner guidance?
The point here is to consider our life purpose.
Without purpose, we are without direction and when there is no direction, insecurity appears. We are pulled from different and contradictory directions.

We do our choices under pressure, without making the effort to think what is best for us at every moment, pushed by the ideological machine that promises wealth and prosperity and our pursuit of happiness without the corresponding effort.

We end up serving any other purpose but ours….and in this way the feeling of inner emptiness grows. What is Living On Purpose? The kind of life you design for yourself after working to discover your true purpose. It allows you to find answers to all the other questions that define how you go about your happiness. Once you know your purpose, everything will be aligned in the manner most satisfying to your own life.

Living ‘ON’ Purpose means finding and acting upon our true heart’s desire. This is the fire that fills a soul with a deep passion to pursue a certain direction in life, regardless of reward, external opinions or what can be currently fashionable.

Purpose is a focus, an intentional design for everything that you do. Finding your purpose will allow you to answer: What do I intend to give to the world? What was I born to do with my time in this world? Which will be my unique mark on the world?

Do you wish to leave this planet with your own song unsaid? In our heart of hearts, each of us wants to live passionately according to whom we truly are at our deepest level, and to strive for our most noble and beautiful vision of the world. This is the “difference” we aspire to make: that our passion has finally transformed our environment and left it better after our intentional impact.

Each time we go against this deep sense of knowing and rightness, and do things we don’t believe in, we eat away at our own energy source and become compromised human beings. Consciously or not, we struggle, knowing we are someone who has settled for less than their best, believing now more in self-imposed limits than in our infinite possibilities to be developed.

And this “distraction from our life purpose” can be done even better by enrolling another person’s help. Being in an emotionally abusive relationship is the best way to count on other’s behavior to divert you from even thinking about your purpose! Now, the whole focus has changed into survival, not self development…

Purpose is the focal point of personal integrity. When we live a purposeful life, our values, our highest beliefs, and everything that is meaningful to us come into alignment and works in synch, and so we become the expression of the best part of ourselves.

Following our life purpose comes from a win-win perspective and an uncompromising integrity. The ones who are driven by passion are living by the light of their life purpose. There is a clarity that shines in the perception of what they need to do.

Passion in this case means a burning desire to follow the inner vision, (the “I’m alive to do exactly this task and no other” focus), wholeheartedly respected. There are not so many people living ON purpose around us, but sure you remember someone who thrilled you with the clarity and dedication of their wish.

To go around doing daily things, they are guided by their intuition, and they are sensible to meanings provided by the events in which they are involved. Those meanings keep the whole sense of their mission vivid in their eyes, so they can’t forget, or wish not.

Is like having an invisible device always pointing to the inner focus, and asking: is what I’m going to do now helping or distracting me from my focus? If something happens that blocks my plan, how do I frame it in such a way that it becomes part of the lesson of the day? If I’m focused in my planned objectives for the day, how do I open myself to new people who can help me in my path?

Living on purpose means focusing on what comes into reality, without controlling the ways in which it will be realized…the paths that reality follows to materialize are left to a higher self to decide.

There is a deep belief that the purpose develops in the texture of the environment where we are…and that others there will be part of it. If others hinder you in your development, including you into an environment of emotional abuse, is up to you….and the clarity of your inner vision to free yourself. As much as you trust your purpose, you begin to see the multiple ways in which others could engage positive or negatively in your path.

This person guided by his own passion is a magnet for circumstances, resources, and help from other people who can support the attainment of the vision. It helps to be able to reject negative thoughts about the vision, sustaining a concerted effort to maintain the vision focus in place, while working towards its completion.

If we can identify what is our passion, keep the inner focus rejecting negative thinking, and use the help of external circumstances coming our way, then things begin to align in the sense of our vision, happening almost in a magical way.

This is the real life, the one we are meant to have, with all the joy and harmony with the universe that follows a purpose fully realized. And now, where is your life purpose? Can I help you get there?


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