Want a Healthy, Happy Marriage?

How do you know when you are ready for a serious relationship?

You know that we care a lot about rescuing people from abusive relationships. We want to help them learn the skills they need to change their situation and gain a strong, loving, nourishing relationship. This is a basic need that all humans share; a good relationship is essential to living a full, happy life.

How prepared are you emotionally, psychologically and pragmatically for a committed relationship?

You should not be seeking a relationship primarily to fill a void in your life or to gain a feeling of acceptance and belonging that was weakened or lost due to other relationships that ended or disappointed you.

We have all been wounded by our parents’ way of treating us, either smothering or abandoning us, and you got to think there is little left to do but try to compensate such damage with a new love…, right?

Regardless of our needs, this is not a good foundation; if your inner child needs your new love to be a lover, friend, AND the parents you were never satisfied with, you’ll soon be completely disillusioned with him/her. No one can live up to such a high expectations list of demands!

For yourself and for any potential partner, it’s better to heal first from the old wounds, and own up to whatever consequences they left you with. Deal first with the negative baggage that weighs you down – financial, legal, emotional, health, or family troubles that could all make you sour, and sour your relationship in turn.

You need to have a good foundation in a strong self-esteem, and have a clear vision of your potential and a sense of purpose for your life. You want to be looking forward, to fulfill your life purpose, not backward, to your childhood pain.

People truly ready to marry have the ability to connect with others, they know exactly what they want from life, and know how to work with their partner to achieve dreams and goals.

Ultimately, you want to feel that both you and your partner have the power to achieve anything you put your minds to – better yet, being together makes everything you want MORE possible.

Keep all this in mind when you’re looking for a partner and approaching the idea of marriage. The bottom line is that you both need to want a relationship – one that’s about mutual growth. If one or both of you are just with each other to heal old wounds and fill up childhood voids, the relationship isn’t really about the other person. It’s still about you.

Are you ready to think a bit deeper about your life purpose, and how to find a good relationship that could help you with it? We have resources to share with you, born from personal and professional experiences and delivered with support, love and understanding of you and your circumstances. Just let us know what your needs are… We can coach you to happiness!

Neil Warner

Neil Warner

I’m the “relationship guru,” and my main focus is to increase the quality of love-based relationship experiences. In this ground-breaking guide I offer useful strategies on healing a difficult angry relationship with love and compassion. You don’t have to stay in an unhealthy relationship one more minute. Let us share our tools with you today, get the Free ebook: “How Healthy is your Marriage? when you subscribe to our blog, above, at right corner!

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