Trying to be Always Right? Stop!

If you feel a need to be right, and impose your views, and take over the place of the “expert” in your marriage….well you need to know this is a dead end way.

We enter into relationships by choice… they are very different situations compared with the first one, when we were children and needed to accept the authority of our parents in deciding what was good for us.

It was never too fast for us to grow up and be relieved of the disparity of that parent-child relationship! We wanted to decide by ourselves, and be in charge of solving our own needs very fast. Even experimenting was OK, because making mistakes was our way of learning how to be independent…

So, why is it that we try to reproduce this dynamics with another “equal”, or peer spouse? What on earth is prompting us to try to be the expert, or the authority in our marriage?Are there unsolved issues from our past, which we need to replay now with our new family member, our spouse? Is it that we want revenge from our parents? Or are we trying to be the “always powerful parent” this time, and dominate the other with our reasoning and logic? Here is the rest of a wise recommendation for a healthy marriage!

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