Fight Back Passive Aggressive Actions!

Is very easy to discover the inherent pain that a relationship based on passive aggression brings. It is important that you identify exactly the behaviors that trigger your confusion, isolation or anger, and ascribe them to his peculiar way of doing … [Read more...]

Getting the Cold Shoulder from Your Loved One?

  In life there are always difficult interpersonal situations, which force us into soul searching because we want to change fast what is hurting us so deeply. Are you kept by your loved one in hurtful, frustrating, and confusing isolation, and … [Read more...]

Hidden Rage and Open Revenge

There are a lot of people walking about with a sense of false entitlement, as if others owe them something. They don't even need to express what they need, because others have to guess or assume what is expected from them. Many of a "cold shoulder" … [Read more...]