Is Marriage a Contract to Create with your Partner a Happy Relationship?

How to listen to each person's needs? We all have basic needs that have to be fulfilled by our loved ones around us, for us to lead successful and happy lives. In this way, "contract" means that we are motivated to do the same for them. We all have … [Read more...]

Love is a powerful force!

How love makes us feel, deep in our brain, is what matters... Brain scan studies have shown that early romantic love generates a unique pattern of brain activity. How do we know this? Well, to study love on the brain, researches put men and … [Read more...]


St. Valentine’s Day is coming again! Can you ignore it? Of course you can…if it is too painful to remember what it means, right? Basically, it reminds us of the excitement from love feelings. Love feelings? Ha, what were those, you might ask? When … [Read more...]