Stop passive aggressive behaviors in your relationship!

Are you isolated by your husband’s passive-aggressive behavior?


Are you facing any challenges like?

    • Are you sick and tired of your husband being silent, not sharing with you?
    • Are you starving for love and companionship?
    • Are you even ready to leave him?

Are you the husband accused of using the silent treatment?

    • Is your wife threatening to leave you because of what she calls your “passive aggression”?
    • Are you struggling to understand why she is now giving up on you?
    • Has your relationship soured so much you can hardly share the bedroom?
    • Are you worried about your future and having to end your life alone?


STOP feeling rejected in your marriage!
It’s very important that you take action now!


I’m an artist at making my wife crazy!

Robert White

Seattle, WA

I’m an artist at making my wife crazy!
I got to take the test using an invented name…when I got the responses, I was shocked at the profile of my own behaviors described there…What I’ve told myself that were protective behaviors, like not telling her about my work difficulties, ended up being a huge problem when she discovered that I almost lost the only income we have.

The worst aspect is my automatic tendency to block whatever she proposes… I know how she is expecting me to behave, and when I find this expectation, immediately do the opposite. My reaction is so fast that I haven’t observed it before…I covered it up thinking that it was constructive opposition, but she calls this attitude of mine “sabotage.” The truth is that when I come up with something different to create a fight, we don’t get to finish any of the home projects waiting for us.

NOW, when I know what needs to be done and still wish to retreat and be alone, and let her work by herself…I see this attitude as real marital sabotage, and remind myself that this option is no longer a choice for me. And it makes such a difference! I can tell Nina about my temptation to frustrate her, and she tells me about how well we both will feel when we have finished painting the bedroom, and I feel motivated to help us both.”

Meet Coach Nora Femenia P.h.D

Dr. Nora Femenia knows that it is possible to recover from passive aggression and lead a connected and fulfilled life.

That’s why she is dedicated to shining a light on this strong defensive mechanism and its impact on marriages. To give hope to relationships drowning in hostile silence and resentment..

She is a recognized family therapist, mediator and conflict resolution expert with over 25 years of experience, and the author of the best-selling book The Silent Marriage: How Passive Aggression Steals Your Happiness

“I have spent all my adult life trying to deny my childhood damage”

“I have spent all my adult life trying to deny my childhood damage…”
Nobody told me that I’m behaving now using the same defenses I had when I was 5 years old. When we had a fight, I usually went into “what I’m doing here…” thinking. I didn’t discuss, disagree, or explain my position to her…It was easy to listen and then go away and do whatever I thought was best for me…


All those past years, I have been in my “self-protective mode” instead of being in a shared perspective of committed relationship…Never really knew what being married entails! This program taught me several basic things about being with other person that I never learned before… And, what is the point of defending myself from her? She is not my parents..”

David Aldrich

Orlando, FL



Our Clients Enjoy Results Such as:

    • Stop emotional distress caused by relationship pain;
    • Prevent confusion, fogging and self-destructive behaviors;
    • Have clarity on your own personal needs and life purpose;
    • Assert your own values and increase your self-esteem;
    • Feel understood, appreciated and fulfilled;
    • Develop as a healthy, happy and creative person.