Steps to be happier in 2024


How can you feel happier this year?

If you are reading this blog, is because there is a sad side of your relationship. Instead of having security and support, constant appreciation and warm contact, you get indifference, hostility and sometimes outright abuse.

It is sad, and sometimes you think: Am I going ever to be happy?

Today, with the excitement of the New Year, there are a few poignant contrasts in your soul….how can you look away from the sadness of your situation? Which way to a future more full of happiness and hope?

For everybody around you, hope can be easy to say and to have; for you, from the depth of despair, there is a voice that says: “I can’t ever be as happy as I want…I’m condemned to survive only in an abusive relationship…

However, there is another voice, well hidden under your despair and perhaps your deep cynicism.

It’s the voice of your own soul, saying…”We were born to be happy by doing great things, and this is a fact I also was born with, impossible to cover up with this daily misery of my present life.”

If this is your case, I have a cute idea for you…..

Tonight, when everybody is happy sharing what they want from all the possibilities a new year brings, you will put aside your ugly experiences. You will do that by breathing deeply, so deeply that your chest hurts a bit there, in the bottom of your lungs, and from there when you exhale, you will imagine that all sadness is leaving you…

Keep breathing, and now when you inhale to the bottom of your lungs, imagine that a stream of positive energy is coming into you, reaching deep into you, and touching your brave soul….There! Your breath energy is connected with the real you, not the scared and beaten down you, but with the brave soul that still dreams of her happiness.

This is the opportunity to connect with who you really are; to let that brave soul of yours remember her dreams, and to cherish those dreams as part of who you are:


• Nobody can take away your dreams;
• Nobody can silence your deeper soul;
• This deep soul is still ready to do what it needs to do as her purpose in life…

Throw away all the negative questions; stop thinking about all the obstacles in front of you, just let this joy of finding your life purpose fill you….from hair to toes.

Each time you breathe in, this light inside is shining; each time you breathe out, the negativities go away.

Now, you are the owner of your dreams. Don’t let the actual circumstances of your life stop you.

Keep thinking: “Which is the way I can go around this obstacle and reach what I want?”

And begin thinking about how you are going to keep your dreams alive and motivating you in the year 2023?

Perhaps by writing them down now? Making a note in your calendar (“Remember to breathe in your happiness every day”) or finding your own personal, secret way?

And take notes of the little victories of each day. Those count too!

Whatever way you keep your happiness alive, is a good way!

Happy 2024!


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