A Check List Of Tools To Enhance Your Marriage

happy marriage

What are the marriage-preserving skills needed?

This is a good question, that you could have handy when things are getting hostile or confrontational at home. Pick one and see how far you can go doing it and watch the results. You need to learn, among other aspects the following skills:

• How showing appreciation deepens your relationship.
• How to talk together in a way that strengthens your relationship.
• How to resolve conflict in a way that brings you closer together.
• How to deal with each other’s “Hot Buttons.”
• How to understand male-female differences.
• How to show respect and support even when disagreeing.
• How to monitor your progress in creating a successful marriage.
• How to recognize “danger signals” and get help.

This is a list of different skills that can be needed at different times in your life or your relationship…Perhaps you would be on the right track learning some good mediation skills like “reflective listening,” and an appreciative attitude.

What else can be tried?

If you are really worried, and talking with your spouse is only making things worse, you can use some of the following suggestions you can do to reverse a downward spiral in marriage and deal with the more pressing issues:

• Do prevention maintenance work. Attend a couple’s enhancement workshop as early as in your first year of marriage.
• Insist on and schedule a weekly “date night” for only the two of you. It is time set aside in a busy life for just each other.
Learn Fair Fighting skills for marital disputes, using this book:  How to Fight Fair in Your Marriage

• If you get into deep marital trouble, attend a couple-repair weekend retreat.
• Get professional help. (Family and friends are neither professional nor unbiased, so be careful of thinking of them as problem-solvers)

Inevitably, any marriage will occasionally become difficult. This happens in all relationships. When married couples find themselves
in trouble or feeling overly distressed about the relationship, they struggle with what to do, overwhelmed by a mix of despairing feelings.

How are your levels of satisfaction with your marriage now? Is the glass half empty?
It is best to ask for help sooner than later when mistrust and resentment have not filled every corner of the emotional space…Frustration of the early hopes for happiness often turns into anger and resentment. If there is too much damage and pain inflicted on the relationship, then it is hard to restore love and rebuild the relationship. Now, you have the tools to start early repairing your marriage!



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