Do You Have a Passive Aggressive Boss?

Credit:Imtmphoto/ShutterstockAre you working under a passive aggressive boss?

There are some characteristics of a passive aggressive manager, which in present times look like the necessary tools for survival of the meanest. These tactics sometimes get confused within the authority aura that higher ups exude, but after some time there is no more denial possible. Your own reactions are telling you to watch out and not be surprised by some backstabbing and dirty tricks. Here we stress the fact that those tricks can seriously derail your career….

Are you familiar or have you been in the receiving end of someone of the following “nice attitudes“?

1) The boss that takes full credit from the team’s work thus sabotaging employee advancement;
2) The boss keeps complete control over the project;
3) The boss restricts necessary information for the worker to do a good job;
4) Planning for meetings with the employee and showing up later or never;
5) Overriding the worker’s authority with his team;
6) Criticizing an employee in public, making him feel worthless;
7) Exploiting an employee’s particular talent;
8 ) Withholding employee recognition and praise;
9) Playing another worker against old time employee;
10) Micro-managing decisions which are in the employee power to do.

It’s not easy to survive in jobs where leadership is developing this dangerous attitude. You need a minimum of trust in your work environment to be able to concentrate day to day in what needs to be done according to your job description….why is it so difficult to find leaders you can trust?

A risky work environment is stressful, and you pay a high price for keeping a job in a team you have no confidence in. It can force you to get help for issues of anger management, or stress management, or develop by necessity new skills in understanding passive aggression in the work place. Whatever it takes, it needs to be done if you want to keep a measure of rationality doing a job under a boss that is a challenge in himself! Remember that is important to recognize you are working in this “war zone” where no recognition or appreciation can develop. And make a conscious effort to remind yourself why you remain in this work environment. If you value getting a good salary, if the place is prestigious, if you are learning good new skills, then it may compensate the stress of having a passive aggressive boss…But keep the power to make decision yourself alive!

Neil Warner

Neil Warner

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