Getting the Cold Shoulder from Your Loved One?

  In life there are always difficult interpersonal situations, which force us into soul searching because we want to change fast what is hurting us so deeply. Are you kept by your loved one in hurtful, frustrating, and confusing isolation, and … [Read more...]

Does your husband listen to your ideas?

In marriage, we have always this tug of war: which idea of marriage will we follow? If it happens that the husband is convinced of the merits of the traditional, hierarchical marriage, she then knows that her role has been designed for her. … [Read more...]

The Hidden Secret of Great Love Relationships?

Why having a great relationship is so important for all of us? We cherish love stories because they show us that it is possible to be perfectly loved. All around us people talk about romance, soul-mates and endless love...while being in normal, … [Read more...]

Verbal Abuse is a Kind of Control

What is verbal abuse? the use of verbal communication to control, put down, and diminish the other person's self-image. This is a move in the greater battle between people, the "who controls whom" power play. Sometimes couples have an implicit … [Read more...]

Solving Couple Conflicts as Survival Skill

We are all sure that having peace and harmony in our relationships keeps us healthy, vital and productive. We all know that, on the other hand, conflict can make us tense, sick and unhappy…only because we are scared of its … [Read more...]