Creativity and Self-Expansion in a Healthy Marriage

What is it that keeps a couple together? If it’s not what is described in the endless letters  and sonnets of pain and woe, akin to torturing each other, what is the glue that binds us? Is it something else, perhaps love? It may not be feelings … [Read more...]

A Better Relationship Means Telling Your Partner Where it Hurts

Much of the conflict in our lives begins when we feel that we are suffering (either alone or at the hands of those we’re in conflict with).Brian Lynch, M.D., has shared his thoughts on suffering and how we can see it in a different way. This helps … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Work Aggression Spread to Your Home

Today we’ll highlight an issue that affects most of us: balancing workplace conflict with our home life. We’re all guilty of letting our frustration at work spread to our homes, but do we always notice it? And what are the effects? Here’s an … [Read more...]

How To Replace Abusive Behavior with Positive Love

Annie's husband was often abusive to her. Usually, he would get upset if she wasn’t paying him her complete attention. A week before today, she was finishing dictating her daily report for work in the phone, when he began to scream at her for not … [Read more...]

Teach Your Brain to Accept Healthy Love

Why are we attracted to other people? It’s a question for the ages, isn’t it? Usually, at the heart of the matter, we feel that our attraction to others is just something we can’t explain and can’t control. But something we’ve been talking about here … [Read more...]