Fight Back Passive Aggressive Actions!

Is very easy to discover the inherent pain that a relationship based on passive aggression brings. It is important that you identify exactly the behaviors that trigger your confusion, isolation or anger, and ascribe them to his peculiar way of doing … [Read more...]

Emotional Abuse is Power, not Love

If you still are debating inside your head the old question: “Does he really love me?” then it is better first to take out the trash. Trash is any hidden emotional abuse you might be suffering. If there is any sustained, continuous emotional abuse, … [Read more...]

The Elevated Woman – Arise Conference 2016

Your family background (rich or poor) shouldn't limit you. Your academic qualifications shouldn't hinder you whether good or bad. Lack of good self esteem, p...Sourced through from: need to reinforce your self-esteem? here … [Read more...]

Self-Compassion: Tips for Loving Yourself Just as You Are

by Deepak Chopra M.D. Do you love yourself just as you are? The way that people answer this question reveals a great deal about their upbringing.Sourced through from: www.deepakchopra.comThere is always the need for strong self-esteem in our … [Read more...]

Narcissistic Cycle – Stage 1: Love Bombing/Mirroring

Symptoms of Narcissistic Abuse: through from: Silent Marriage provides solutions to a cold shoulder spell..... … [Read more...]