How to Handle Verbal Abuse From Friends

Can you handle verbal abuse here? Do you know how to handle verbal abuse in everyday conversations? How familiar are you with this technique people will use against you for preempting conversations that they are not so sure of understanding? Before … [Read more...]

Abusive Behavior First Red Flag? Hear Him Yelling at You!

There is one emotional abuse sign that brings such a painful shock, we all try to rationalize and process it fast, as to get it out of our awareness. It's the shock a woman feels the first time he screams, calls her a name or insults her. He is … [Read more...]

Are you passive, assertive, or aggressive?

Your communication style is important to recognize and define, as it affects how people react to you and how they address your needs. In the workplace, it can be especially important to know how you are communicating (and thus how you are perceived) … [Read more...]