How to do Relationship Repair for this “Marriage Contract” ?

  Sharing what Mark Waller, The Dance of the Lion and the Unicorn, says in page 111, we have: “The subconscious agenda behind the wedding is that this other person will finally heal our pain. Of course, we are completely unaware of our pain … [Read more...]

How dirty is your fighting style? Want to learn how to fight fair?

We have posted before about the value of fighting with love instead of anger. Using calm dialogue and speaking with respect ("fighting" with "love") is always a better option during conflict; fighting fire with fire, with the aim of someone winning … [Read more...]

Gratitude makes for happy, healthy families

How can we promote happiness in our environment? Gratitude could very well be the key.Because many of us may lead busy and stressful lives that barely give us quality time to spend with our loved ones, we tend to forget that having them in our lives … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Marriage More Sustainable

Plenty of marriages survive for the sake of children, religious expectations, or economic reasons. During this economic recession, this may be clear to you if you’re staying in a stale marriage because you can’t financially survive on your own right … [Read more...]

Creativity and Self-Expansion in a Healthy Marriage

What is it that keeps a couple together? If it’s not what is described in the endless letters  and sonnets of pain and woe, akin to torturing each other, what is the glue that binds us? Is it something else, perhaps love? It may not be feelings … [Read more...]