3 Secrets of growing older with grace

It’s important to understand the main life lesson about growing old: it is the natural culmination of a process of human beings maturing into wiser ones. When accepted as a natural part of the life cycle means that we can use the gifts it brings to us.

A new Stanford study by Laura Carstensen, a psychology professor and director of the Stanford Center on Longevity documents this process. The findings of this study were published online recently in the Journal Psychology and Aging.

Older people typically have made their peace with life’s inevitable failures and accomplishments; and accept their position in life with more inner peace. In other words, older people stress less about life challenges.

Secret 1:
As we grow older, we tend to become more emotionally stable. Most people will gradually feel better as they grow older. If we don’t resist changing, we will find ourselves in a better and more stable emotional situation than before.

Secret 2:
Emotional stability translates into longer, more productive lives that deliver more life satisfaction, at the individual level;

Secret 3
Older people care more and are more compassionate about social problems, and that may lead to a more stable world.

“As people age, they’re more emotionally balanced and better able to solve highly emotional problems,” said Carstensen, a psychology professor. “We may be seeing a larger group of people who can get along with a greater number of people. And
them being more peaceful, perhaps they can induce younger people to behave also in a more peaceful way.”

Having higher numbers of older people than youngsters, as in Japan, some European countries and even America in 20 more years brings a serious challenge. Carstensen rounded up her conclusion with this hopeful vision: “If people become more even-keeled as they age, older societies could be wiser and kinder societies.”

So it seems like the old saying, “You’re not getting older, you just getting better,” refers so much to individuals as to the whole social group we belong to.

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