Is the person you’re with ready to fight fair?

Is the person you’re with ready to fight fair? Being open to sharing your feelings and accepting responsibility for them — rather than… 0

The Elevated Woman – Arise Conference 2016

Your family background (rich or poor) shouldn’t limit you. Your academic qualifications shouldn’t hinder you whether good or bad. Lack of good self esteem, p…

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You need to reinforce your self-esteem? here is a great help:

Self-Compassion: Tips for Loving Yourself Just as You Are

by Deepak Chopra M.D.

Do you love yourself just as you are? The way that people answer this question reveals a great deal about their upbringing.

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There is always the need for strong self-esteem in our lives….

Narcissistic Cycle – Stage 1: Love Bombing/Mirroring

Symptoms of Narcissistic Abuse:

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The Silent Marriage provides solutions to a cold shoulder spell…..

Emotional Abuse

If being emotionally abusive left physical scars/bruises, would you think twice about doing it? Because you would never want to “hurt” someone? BUY MY BOOK H…

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The point is that under the farce of a good marriage, a hidden war for power and control is raging…and the victim gets abused by the “loving” partner….